Con siete victorias en la Paris-Roubaix, nuestra Roubaix ha demostrado que la comodidad es rapidez.


Con siete victorias en la Paris-Roubaix, nuestra Roubaix ha demostrado que la comodidad es rapidez. Hasta este momento, sin embargo, conllevaba algunos compromisos. La nuevo S-Works Roubaix ofrece rendimiento sin compromisos al presentar un nuevo y radical Future Shock 2.0 que te ofrece más opciones de control y amortiguación, una nueva tija de sillín Pavé que hace de nuestra Roubaix la más equilibrada hasta la fecha, una aerodinámica que iguala a la Tarmac, y un cuadro Rider-First Engineered™ que lleva la balanza por debajo de 900 gramos (Talla: 56 cm)

  • The new frame delivers compliance without compromise via the perfect balance of aerodynamics, light overall weight via a FACT 10r carbon construction, compliance, and Rider-First Engineering. With tube shapes that were born in our FreeFoil Shape Library and validated in the Win Tunnel, the new Roubaix is more aero than the Tarmac SL6. Meanwhile, to ensure the weight and ride quality, we turned to a Rider-First Engineered™ design to deliver optimal stiffness and compliance across all sizes, from 44 to 64cm. Of course, the frame has shed some serious weight in the process. And to prep you for your own Hell of the North, we’ve made room for 33mm tires.
  • To go along with the new frame, we’ve also developed a totally-new S-Works Pavé seatpost. Not only is it the first compliant seatpost that’s also aerodynamic, it does so without any additional weight or finicky contraptions. Starting with the same D-shape design found on the Tarmac, we took its compliance a step further by building additional flex into the upper and developing a new drop-clamp design in the frame. This provides plenty of compliance, while staying perfectly balanced with the front-end, so you get a smooth, balanced ride no matter how rough the road.
  • With 20mm of rough-road-taming travel, the Future Shock 1.5 not only delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride, but it also reduces fatigue and increases speed over harsh terrain. The new Smooth Boot, meanwhile, enhances the aesthetics to bring a clean transition from the head tube to the stem